Family law

Family law - our main specialization

Family law is one of the pillars of our law firm's activity and our main specialization. We have gained experience in this area from thousands of cases all over the Czech Republic. We are also members of the Union of Family Lawyers, z.s. We follow the judicial decisions in this area closely and create our own case-law database. Being able to evaluate the steps of children care authority (OSPOD in the Czech Republic), we can propose steps leading to cooperation with the guardian ad litem.

In our opinion, a divorce of the parents cannot be the end of the relationship between a child and the parent, who has not been given custody of them. We believe that women are intellectually equal to men and therefore must not be discriminated against in employment or anywhere else based on their gender. Just as men are emotionally equal to women and therefore must not be discriminated against in their family lives based on their gender…. Such distinction would be old-fashioned and contradictory to the needs and reality of the modern world, especially nowadays, when the lines between the role of men and women in the family are as blurry as ever. In accordance with the opinion of the Union of Family Lawyers, we support the idea that the best interest of the child is in the best interest of our client.

We provide our clients with guidance not only in family law, but also in emotionally challenging and psychologically demanding situations, which regularly accompany the application of family law.

Do you know what precedes a wedding? The days when an engagement preceded are over. But ever more often, a marriage is preceded by a divorce… of the previous marriage. And a lawyer – professional in the area of divorce and child custody - is often the unexpected companion, not only of partners currently undergoing separation, but also of those starting a new life together.

Unless you want to ruin your future life and relationships, it is in your very best interest to settle the divorce by an agreement, eliminating personal revenge from either side of the dispute and the so-called washing of dirty laundry. Unfortunately, we know what we are talking about, as some of our clients` divorces and disputes over children have been going on for many years with a devastating effect on both sides of the dispute. That is why our aim is to find a solution that would be acceptable for both parties and we are willing to arrange even unconventional procedures with tested and trusted counselors and help for our clients, such as psychologists, psychosomatic physicians, kinesiology counselling and ethicotherapy. We know that the standards of the legal expert witnesses can be downright dismal, which is why we surround ourselves with such collaborators and experts, who not only reflect the latest developments in their field, but also whose ethics and principles are similar to ours.

If agreement is not an option, we fight for our clients with maximum effort. We know how emotionally challenging disputes in the area of family law are ese are. But we can assure you, that in difficult moments, we will always stand by your – our clients` - side.

The main areas of legal advice and representation in family law are:

  • prenuptial agreements

  • recognition or denial of paternity

  • divorce, including property settlement

  • child custody and change of the environment for their upbringing

  • maintenance and support of a minor

  • alimony of a divorced or undivorced spouse